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4D lottery - ExtraWinning®™ provides premium quality online 4D lottery entertainment. We offer exclusive payouts for our customers who love 4D lottery games around Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Myanmar, Philippines, China and Brunei. 4D lottery game can be easily found in every corner of Malaysia and Singapore, and online lottery is gaining tremendous traction in recent days. We used to buy lottery tickets from authorized retails, which are usually brick and mortars around the shop. However, as technology keeps up, we can now easily buy online lottery tickets anytime anywhere. This is due to the fact that lottery games can pay out exceptionally high, the reward ratio is beyond believable. However, ExtraWinning®™ decides to bring this further, by rewarding an even higher payout for our loyal customers! Our lottery coverage extends to major franchises like Magnum, Sports Toto, PMP Damacai 1+3D , Singapore pools 4D | SG, GDLotto88 | Grand Dragon Lotto 88, Perdana Lottery 4D, Lucky Harihari 4D and brands in East Malaysia Such as Sabah Lotto88, Sarawak Cash Sweep and Sandakan | STC. Our online casino is diversely designed to cater different segments. Register with us today, bring the 4D lottery game anywhere you go and play the numbers to win big Jackpot!

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Buying 4D malaysia & Singapore lottery tickets online is one of the favorite activities for Malaysian and Singapore citizen.Even the concept of playing online 4D lottery was also an unpopular notion until a few years ago. But with the betterment and advancement of technology, the scenario has seen a complete face turn. Malaysia and Singapore 4D tickets can nowadays be purchased online quite easily, and people also have started to believe these online lotteries Agents Company, as their payout history is considerably on the positive side. Using ticketing agents such as GD LOTTO 88 | GRAND DRAGON LOTTO 88, GTR368, PSBET | PSBET889, MY9BALL, S8F.ASIA and ABS333. it has become extremely easy for international users to purchase Malaysia & Singapore 4D tickets from any part of the world. Now you can keep your fingers crossed and watch live 4D result for win the Damacai , Gdlotto or Magnum progressive jackpot.

How To Win The Malaysia and Singapore 4D Lottery Number Game?

The 4D lottery game is a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999. It produces 10,000 different four-digit numbers and chances. You will win cash instantly if your choice of 4 digit numbers are revealed. ExtraWinning Online Casino offer a choice of 4D payout from companies that includes Magnum, Damacai, ToTo, Singapore, Sabah, STC and CashSweep. To make things even more interesting, we also provide a wide range of 4D gameplay methods, including single number combination play, back and forth combination play 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D and ipack/ibox combination play.

Live Preview 4D Result On Your Smartphone

Now you can live preview 4D Live result on your smartphone. With the continuously development of information and technology, we have been taken the advantages in modernizing the convention type of Online 4D lottery business in more innovative way, as well as to meet the higher demand of entertainment from our members. 

Best Place To Start Your Online 4D Betting

If you’re looking to increase your luck and chances at discovering such an opportunity, there is the best place to start at ExtraWinning online casino with its 4D online numbers Games. It is said that fortune favours the bold and even if you are relatively new to the concept of numbers lotteries, it doesn’t take much to familiarize one’s self with the process of online 4D betting. With just a 4-digit combination of numbers, you could get lucky and score anything within the range of small to big winnings.

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Partnered with 10 of the most popular MalaysiaSingapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Cambodia 4D lottery operators, ExtraWinning.com is the Best and Trusted agent website to try your hand at winning a fortune. With daily draws by Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Da Ma Cai 1+3, Sabah lotto88 4D, Sarawak Cashsweep 4D, Singapore Pools 4D, Sandakan STC, GDlotto88 | Grand Dragon Lotto 88, Perdana 4D, Lucky Harihari 4D and 4D Special Bigsweep, Our players can quickly and conveniently check on mobile phone apps if they’re the next big winner. As an added plus, these 4D lottery operators offer very attractive payout structures that promise to make any effort worth your while. With TEN (10) 4D lottery operators that you can choose to bet with, you can rest assured that by betting here at ExtraWinning.com , you are betting with trustworthy Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Myanmar, Philippines, China and Brunei online casino that offers bettors the most comprehensive and competitive 4D lottery selection… all accessible with just a few clicks!