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Grand Dragon Lotto Lottery ( GDLotto 88 ) is committed to be the only Live 4 Digit numbers game provider in Cambodia. GD Lotto will be online live streaming the 4D lottery Result draw from a casino building, locating at Chreythom, Kandal Province Cambodia. The 4D Jackpot lottery machines will be locating at the central of the casino lobby, and it’s transparent to the public in ensure the gaming responsibilities.

So, everyone with internet and smartphone ( Android / IOS Iphone ) can Install the APP and live preview the 4D result from the numbers machine. With the continuously development of information and technology, GD Lotto 88 have been taken the advantages in modernizing the convention type of 4D lottery business in more innovative way, as well as to meet the higher demand of entertainment from Online Gamblers. 

Highest 4D Lottery Bonus Jackpots From GDLOTTO.COM

Being a leader of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Brunei Online 4D Lottery provider, GD Lotto88 strive to surprise you with Creative, Exciting and Energetic features, The best products of GDLOTTO created is the “4D Bonus Jackpot”. Everyone can play the luxury game especially for our loyal members. 

“4D Bonus Jackpot” - the most creative bonus system invented by Grand Dragon Lottery till date, this accumulating bonus system not only gives every player a higher chance to win extra jackpot Bonus but also accumulate for the next jackpot bonus winner, making you a bigger winner every day!

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Currently, have established 6 local teams segregated in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Taking this opportunity, we thank you for showing your interest in Grand Dragon Lottery. For further questions pertaining to GDlotto88 organizations and products, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24 hours customer service from Agent Site and make your prediction today.

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5 Betting Choices And Payout Table For Grand Dragon Lotto

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