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CITIBET / LK988 / AASTAR - An international horse racing online betting Racebook Agent website which base on the advanced technology of cloud computing, First Choice of horse racing betting amateur. Our Racehorse website devotes to provide the entirety quality services of betting, eating, fighting, Tips, Ratings, In-Running Bet (Jalan) Live Odds, Mobile Live Stream to horse racing amateur. Our website is always in accordance with the value of professional, honesty, Service and Fortitude. Persist in the service principle of member is the first, guided by the needs of members and agents, to provide the entirety quality service of horse racing online betting exchange service.

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Horse Racing of Citibet | Lk988 , AAstar - fantastic online betting game in Malaysia , Singapore And Brunei Darussalam

Top Asia Leading Betting Exchange - There are many type of mobile and online betting games in online gambling world, but the most attractive betting game introduced by most Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Myanmar, Philippines, China and Brunei betting enthusiasts is probably Horse racing. Horse betting is one of the most popular betting games in the world which always holds high positions on the betting chart around the world. This game becomes more and more popular like today, the element of surprise, strong feeling, breathtaking suspense, and the unpredictable, have made this Horse race gambling game become the choice of many bettors.

Almost all the betting enthusiasts hope to win a big money in horse racing once in lifetime, but you should not bet go with the expectation of winning 100%, even there are many people who still haven't try a big win in horse racing after many time of betting, this is because of this game is very hard to predict. So, In this article, I will show you some basic strategies which can help you to understand how to bet in online horse racing.

Which is the best Online Agent website to play Horse racing in Malaysia , Brunei Darussalam and Singapore?

To play online horse racing game, there are many Agent / dealers for you in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Myanmar, Philippines, China and Brunei , but the best dealer which offers you diverse odds maybe is Citibet | Lk988 and AAstar. Citibet | Lk988 and AAstar is a reputable online dealer which is known as leading online horse race site in Asian especially China, Hongkong, Australia, India, Malaysia , Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia. always stands at the top of the prestigious dealers. When Register and login to Citibet | Lk988 and AAstar website, you will like the modern interface, simplicity, vivid colors with useful information about horse racing. And because this Web page mainly offers online Horse Racing , Greyhound Racing and harness racing game, so you can totally trust the quality of its investment. What you need to do is prepare a computer or Mobile Smartphone with a stable internet connection, and register your account with , Login to the CITIBET Website and Choose the odds you want to bet. Anytime, anywhere.

Understanding The Types Of Bets And Odds In Horse Racing , Greyhound Racing And Harness Racing

Just like other sports betting or Casino games, Choose the horse which you think that will win the race. If your horse wins, you will get winning. In addition there are many different ways to place your bets like betting on the horses which will go first, betting on horses which will stand a certain order, and betting on the outcome of many races in a tournament. All ways can be done online on the prestigious sites like Citibet | Lk988 and AAstar.To start playing the game, you will need to know about the odds. Odds of hand will determine how much money you will get if you win the game. And depending on your odds, you can win different amounts. Specifically, odds of horse racing | Lumba kuda are given in three different ways: decimal odds, fractional odds and money line odds.

- decimal odds
If you bet on decimal odds, you have to know that if decimal odds is 2.0, every $1 bet winners will receive $2. And if decimal odds is 3.0, for every $1 bet, the winner will get $3. But if the decimal odds is less than 2.0, then you will only receive less money than your betting amount.

- fractional odds

For example, the 2/1 odds, you will receive $2 for every $1 bet plus the initial bet amount , so if you bet your money with 2/1 the rate, mean you will get $3 when you win the bet.

- money line odds

Money Line odds can be a negative or a positive. For example if you choose the positive number like +300, When you win your bet you can get $300 plus the amount of the initial bet. If you choose a negative number like -200, you will need to bet $200 and if you win, you will receive $ 100.

Asia Top Online Horse Racing Agent Website - CITIBET | LK988

Asian Online Betting Exchange operators CITIBET |Lk988 are one among the latest In-Running Bet (Jalan) operators. Lk988 has become controversial as people bets or wagers on a horse for the money. Moreover, it has become the prime initial vehicle for the people of their choice for the race fixing. CITIBET has become so famous by increasing its TRP that it takes money easily out of people as people are so fond tips of betting on Horse Racing. The structure of CITIBET defines as a pyramid, They are defined to be the super agents at a top, in the middle the junket operators and in the lower the remaining. Super agents are thought to pay on the 0.5% turnover. They also have other agents as well who pay much higher.

Horse racing | Lumba Kuda is an interesting online gambling game . Official Agent ExtraWinning and Citibet are leading sites you should join for racing. Sign up member account and check the racing calendar, Tips, Ratings and live odds to experience the most wonderful betting experience today!

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